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Here's what folks have to say about Mad Dog Friedman & Mad Dog Blues:

"Mad Dog Friedman — harmonica player and principal songwriter for the group Mad Dog Blues — knows what’s up. As he says it, he writes from the moment and sings from the heart." The act's newest, Happy Dance, was recorded live at the KGNU studio and amplifies the group’s "Colorado Country Blues" sounds, something hard to find amongst the cacophony of popular genres. And it is that: funky, heartwarming, and drenched with the old-school storytelling of folk songs past. It hits the soul." ~ Rooster Magazine, January 2019

"Now the rootsy musician, along with his band, the Mad Dog Blues Experience, kicks up a dusty fusion of acoustic blues and string band-influenced jamming." ~ Nick Hutchinson, Westword magazine, March 27, 2020

"Fine night of sharp, syncopated Blues. Wonderfully expressive performance with a depth of feeling and sense of humor and play you don't always find together." ~ ‎Duane Davis, owner of Wax Trax Records in Denver, Colorado.

"...ego-less music from a tight-knit group who plays like an extended family." ~ Dan Willging, Feb.-March 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"Mad Dog Blues is one of our own - a Colorado band steeped in country blues but expanding that genre to express its own eclectic approach to Colorado music."~ Jack Grace, Oct.-Nov. 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"We are fortunate to have Colorado bands such as Mad Dog Blues that build on true traditions while absorbing and blending our local piquant flavors." ~ Jack Grace, Feb.-March 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"...rides the fine line between being both relaxed and energetic. Great musicianship, great songs and great production." ~ Rhys “Lightnin'” Williams, Sept. 5, 2021, Blues Blast Magazine

"Wow, awesome show. Blues bands like yours are the reason I like blues." ~ Nicholas S. Seigel, Owner and Founder of RadioCave

"Mad Dog's traditional acoustic blues harmonica a delight to hear." ~ Peter Madcat Ruth, Grammy Award-winning harmonica virtuoso

"It's as if E.T. plays the harmonica!!!! I dig your take on the instrument, seeking and speaking!!"~ Sugar Blue, Grammy Award-winning harmonica virtuoso

"Mad Dog Friedman who is absolutely an incredible harp player … That is something totally different.  I think it is absolutely brilliant!" ~ Kevin Beale, British DJ

"...raw, real, fun and most certainly shines a beacon for live Blues the whole world over." ~ Steve Sheppardpresenter (DJ) at One World Music Radio

 "While MDB works within a loose country blues framework - where else would you hear a Native American flute in the mix – the collective maintains its signature that makes it distinct along the Front Range blues scene." ~ Dan Willging, April-May 2022 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"...refreshing and totally enjoyable music." ~Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony, November 3, 2022, Blues Blast Magazine

"...Friedman and Bennight spontaneously play off of each other in a way that's telepathic..."Dan Willging, June-July 2023 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"Overall, a pure gem. Sit down and have a listen of a couple true originals doing a down-home CD that will transport you to an old barn in the South in the 20s where folks have gathered to have a good old time drinking ‘shine’ and eating catfish and chicken while dancing to sweet hokum blues. This is the type of act that deserves to be standing on the finals stage at the IBC in Memphis." ~ Chick Cavallero for the High Plains Blues Society