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Mad Dog Blues' Music Page

Below you will find details, press, direct links for streaming services and web players for all of our released albums, singles and EP's. Here is a list of Mad Dog Blues' various releases in chronological order. You may click on the title of each album to go directly to the section about that release.

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River City Roots (2023) - performed by the guitar-harmonica-duo version of Mad Dog Blues, this live-in-the-studio album captures the feel of St. Louis front-porch-blues, charted #3 in the world-wide ACOUSTIC BLUES CHART (Roots Muisc Reports - Week of April 8, 2023)

Gratitude (2022) - our studio CD & Winner of the Pikes Peak Blues Community's Best Self-Produced CD Contest 2022pandemic album

Pinned Down by the Rain (2022) - our favorite live tracks from our 2021 Better Than Ever Tour

Live Love (2021) - our live tribute to jam band music

Hug with Our Heart (2021) - our pandemic-themed EP

Family Reunion 2020 (2020) - our epic, double disc, self-recorded

Happy Dance (2018) - recordings from a live radio show in our early days.

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The only place to get any of our physical CD's is at our one of our shows, where we give them away in gratitude for your support. The best place to purchase digital downloads of all our released music is at Mad Dog's BandCamp page: You can stream our music on any of the major streaming services. Here are Mad Dog Blues artist links to the big ones:

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Happy Dance (Recordings from a live radio show in 2018)

Listen to Happy Dance, the first album of Mad Dog Blues, recorded live on KGNU Radio on November 13, 2018. (Released November 14, 2018)(You may listen on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music or BandCamp.)

"Mad Dog Friedman’s ghostly and weathered voice is a perfect match of the been-down-this-road-too-many-times-before blues slices found on numbers like ... 'Never Lost Love.'" ~ Scene Magazine

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Family Reunion 2020 (Our epic double album)

Band Camp Player for Family Reunion 2020 by Mad Dog Blues

Listen to

Family Reunion 2020: Disc 1 Acoustic Blues

Listen to

Family Reunion 2020: Disc 2 Songsters, Blazz & Jam

Listen on Spotify to the full 24 track double album, Family Reunion 2020, recorded "live in the studio"on August 10 -13, 2020, at Dog House Music Studios in Lafayette, CO. (You may also listen on YouTube Music, Apple Music or on the BandCamp Players below.)

Listen to 30 seconds clips from Mad Dog Blues' ground-breaking, pandemic double album, Family Reunion 2020.

"Splendid mandolin and guitar flatpicking are prevalent throughout...there is
usually something to be discovered with every listen. In short, ego-less music from a
tight-knit group who plays like an extended family." ~ Dan Willging, Feb.-March 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"Family Reunion 2020 is the second album from Mad Dog Blues and is a highly enjoyable double album that successfully combines acoustic country blues, folk grass, singer-songwriter soul and jam into one thematically consistent whole. ...With a fun, down-home feel, Family Reunion 2020 successfully manages to ride the fine line between being both relaxed and energetic. Great musicianship, great songs and great production." ~ Rhys “Lightnin'” Williams, Sept. 5, 2021, Blues Blast Magazine

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HUG WITH OUR HEART (Songs for our time - 2021)

Listen to Hug with Our Heart, a pandemic EP recorded by Mad Dog Blues, recorded live at Mighty Fine Studio on December 7, 2020. (Released January 11, 2021).

" incorporates the best of blues played elsewhere and adds its own unique twists. We are fortunate to have Colorado bands such as Mad Dog Blues that build on true traditions while absorbing and blending our local piquant flavors." ~ Jack Grace, Feb.-March 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

"Division will crush if we don't act soon.

Let's come together and sing a new tune."

~ from "Hug with Our Heart" by Jenn Cleary & Mad Dog Friedman

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Live Love Cover. Click to see full-sized art

"Mad Dog Blues is one of our own - a Colorado band steeped in country blues but
expanding that genre to express its own eclectic approach to Colorado music. Live Love
is the band’s third recording in ten months: Family Reunion 2020, Hug with Our Heart,
and now Live Love. That’s a lot of music in a short time and each CD explores a new
musical direction. ...Jeff Becker contributes some impressive mandolin. ...There are some really interesting lead guitar lines with complex but perfect timing."

~ Jack Grace, Oct.-Nov. 2021 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

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    Pinned Down by the Rain (LIVE 2021)

    Pinned Down by the Rain Cover. Click to see full-sized art.

    These are our favorite recorded performances from the Mad Dog Blues’ “2021 Better Than Ever Tour.” Featuring eight new original songs as well as three live versions of original songs from our first Happy Dance CD (“Goodbye Mister Blues,” “Alone Is My Home” and “Never Lost Love”), and one from our Family Reunion 2020 double CD (Siren). These songs were all recorded from July through December of 2021 at various Colorado venues: The Muse Performance Center in Lafayette (11-22-21), Rule 105 in Greeley (12-05-21), Wibby's Pavilion in Longmont (7-1-21), Globe Hall in Denver (12-12-21), Niwot Tavern in Niwot (7-26-21) and Grossen Bart Brewery in Longmont (10-31-21).

    ... "it’s an honest, undoctored representation of MDB’s live shows. While MDB works within a loose country blues framework - where else would you hear a Native American flute in the mix – the collective maintains its signature that makes it distinct along the Front Range blues scene." ~ Dan Willging, April-May 2022 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society

    Pinned Down by the Rain is a classy live Blues album created from favorite performances by the band from 2021; it includes segments from various venues that have the good sense to hire live acts, and to be able to hear innovative songs like Hear Me Crying and the longest piece off the release Never Lost Love, just shy of 14 minutes in duration and containing some crafted solo performances within one very full flowing offering. Pinned Down by the Rain by Mad Dog Blues is a rarity today, true live Blues from the very heart and soul of the planet; played how only Blues can be played, from one heart to yours. The album contains classy performances in an album that is raw, real, fun and most certainly shines a beacon for live Blues the whole world over. ~ Steve Sheppard, presenter (DJ) at One World Music Radio (READ ALBUM FULL REVIEW).

  • Stream for free on Spotify.
  • You may also listen on YouTube Music or Apple Music.)
  • Download high-quality audio files from BandCamp.

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    Click to see large version of the cover.


    Gratitude, Mad Dog Blues’ fifth full-length,album is an innovative take on contemporary acoustic blues.

    Recorded “live in the studio” at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver and mastered by the two-time Grammy-winning David Glasser of Airshow Mastering, Gratitude represents a step up in audio fidelity from Mad Dog Blues’ last two live albums. Since the 2019 release of their first album, Happy Dance, Mad Dog Blues has not looked back, exploring the possibilities of their unique, harmonica string band in their prolific song writing. Over the last few years their music has developed and matured, and their signature “Colorado Country Blues” sound has expanded to incorporate even more influences including jazz, world music, trance blues and pop along with our root influences of blues, folk and Americana. "Gratitude" is more than an album name; it can become a way of life that offers us all a ray of hope in these troubled times.

    "We’re back on the Blues trail with Mad Dog Blues on this new release Gratitude, a 13 track album of some of the best new, vibrant and innovative music from that genre that you may have heard for quite some time, the collective charm of this album is that the whole project is thoroughly addictive and completely enjoyable with each and every track played. ... Gratitude by Mad Dog Blues is without doubt the best album so far for the band and there illustrious leader Mad Dog Friedman. Here lays an album of pure character, an album of artistic class, and a release that anyone who loves contemporary Blues music must surely mark part of their collection at all costs, it is that good."

    ~ Steve Sheppard, presenter (DJ) at One World Music Radio (READ ALBUM FULL REVIEW).

    "Indeed, the playing is impressive. Given his chops, Mad Dog is underrated as a blues harmonica player while Bennight is a beast with his nimble fingers sprinting up and down the neck. Becker’s mandolin playing is spry and sparkles with precision and buoyancy." ~ Dan Willging, August-September 2022 Holler from the Colorado Blues Society (READ ALBUM FULL REVIEW)

    "The songs have a joyful intertwining of the various instruments that convey an uplifting spirit. The effect is that of five very accomplished musicians taking turns at solos with none of them except the bass player relegated strictly to a backup role. Jeff Becker's mandolin expertise is particularly on display on "Well Babe", "Down So Long" and "Love Ladder". Mad Dog weaves his harmonica lines throughout the proceedings. The two guitarists are no slouches themselves. Clark Chanslor's meandering bass lines are ever present."..."refreshing and totally enjoyable music." ~Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony, November 3, 2022, Blues Blast Magazine (READ ALBUM FULL REVIEW)

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  • You may also listen on YouTube Music or Apple Music.)
  • Download high-quality audio files, cover art and bonus track from BandCamp.

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    River City Roots

    Click to see large version of the cover.


    River City Roots is Mad Dog Blues’ sixth album. Performed by the guitar-harmonica-duo version of Mad Dog Blues, this live-in-the-studio album captures the feel of St. Louis front-porch-blues.

    Where to Listen

    • Here's some of the text from John Lamp's review:

      Now when you're playing as a duo rather than your usual band combination, the challenges are much greater.  There's no place to hide. You have to be precise. You have to work together. You almost have to be psychic to make it work. In this case there's guitar, vocal and harmonica. You can hear the guitar carrying the tempo and laying down a tune to follow. Over this is the vocal, timed to perfection with the guitar and then the harmonica adding embellishments between the vocals. Now that's all before you look at the song itself. The song is a classic blues theme of loss and persistence in the face of disappointment. I think they've absolutely succeeded in creating their front porch context, with a simple, effective piece you can see being sung in a relaxing evening. This one's going straight to the pool room. ~  John Lamp, DJ at 94.7 FM on the Pulse in Geelong, Australia, posted March 6, 2023.

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Alone Is My Home -- A benefit release with 100% of all proceeds going directly to support the needs of Boulder County's homeless population through the good work of Hope for Longmont.

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And now for all those hardcore Dog Heads who made it all the way to bottom of our Mad Dog Blues' Music Page, a special little listening treat from your favorite acoustic blues jam band featuring unreleased excerpts from our 2021 Better Than Ever Tour, recorded live right off of our mixing board. Many of these tracks are our favorite extended versions of previously released songs featuring spontaneous jams and occasionally bordering on trance blues. Some are rare public debuts of original songs that we had barely, if at all, rehearsed. Pure madness for all Dog Heads! Enjoy and share as you want!

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